Peter Kettle
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September 13th, 2019



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‘Peter Kettle FRSA RCA has painted and celebrated the British landscape for the past 10 years. By immersing himself in planned journeys around his native Wales, Britain and world-wide; he will explore the remotest regions with his sketchbook, recording colour, texture and weather elements. His work weaves a story of images through long and challenging expeditions, recently hiking across the Andes in Patagonia - 2017, and Basecamp of Everest - March 2019. With a background in Documentary Filmmaking, Kettle works alongside charities and local guides to further his understanding of the landscape and create a narrative around his artwork.

Kettle works studies up into ambitiously scaled, expressive landscape paintings using oil paint and other media poured, rubbed and splashed onto the canvas. His paintings have the surfaces of well-worn exterior walls, buffeted and corroded with the appearance of having withstood the effects of time and weather – a technique that gives his work an enlivening combination of stoicism and nostalgia.’ 



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After investigating the story of Wales, Kettle went to Patagonia to follow in the footsteps of the Welsh settlers in Chile and Argentina 2017.


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In March 2019, Peter Kettle will be taking his next expedition to India and Basecamp Everest in association with the charity FrankWater. With a love for the world’s mountains, he will be documenting the trip through sketches, paintings and film; for a major touring exhibition in 2020.


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