Peter Kettle FRSA RCA was recently voted in as a Fellow for the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and member of the Royal Cambrian Academy (RCA). He has travelled extensively; taking on ambitious and physically challenging projects to explore his work.



Interview from the Palette Pages

Self-taught or Art School?

“I illustrated at a young age; sketching the faces of musicians from photographs. Drawing was an integral past-time for me. I always sketched, doodled and composed ideas onto the page. However, it wasn't until I studied A level Art at West Buckland School, North Devon, that a visceral passion for landscape art began.

I studied under Nikki DeMarco and Nigel Minard. Each brought their own school of thought and approach. DeMarco - contemporary landscape artist - introduced me to the works of Kurt Jackson, Michael Honnor and Joan Eardley. Minard instilled the traditional techniques of painting with different mediums and composition.”

Skomer Island - 90 x 110 cm

Skomer Island - 90 x 110 cm

Photo: Peter Kettle - Edinburgh National Art Gallery

Photo: Peter Kettle - Edinburgh National Art Gallery

How and why did you become a Landscape Painter?

“I went on to complete an Art Foundation at Cardiff and began to explore more abstract forms of landscape with mixed media. It was a great experience to be able to dedicate a year to experimenting and to have guidance from Artist/Teachers. I went on to do a degree in Media Studies and English Language. After University I worked in Television and documentary filmmaking. I went on long shoots across the UK and saw incredible landscapes in Scotland, North Wales and Yorkshire. My passion for landscape art was rekindled and I painted constantly in my spare time. It became a healthy obsession. I juggled working and pursuing my hobby with every available evening. Eventually I exhibited locally, then nationally and now starting projects internationally. ”

How would you describe your style?

I aim not for a representation of the scene but for an interpretation of the rhythm and mood of the landscape. The gestures and marks made on canvas – in the studio - are free responses to the experience of sketching in-situ. I use a range of tools to paint – Sticks, palette knives, Rags, wooden boards - and drew early inspiration from the energetic and unique application of media of Anselm Kiefer.








Susie Hodge interviews Peter Kettle regarding his working process, inspirations and approach to mark-making.





‘Those by painter Peter Kettle, recently voted in as a fellow for the Royal Society of Arts, has nearly tripled in value in the past four years.’


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